Discover the Secrets in your Data

We can help you planning your company’s Data Strategy, discovering the hidden diamonds in your data.

Production SQL Server

We can help you achieve the maximum result possible from your production SQL Server or Azure SQL

  • Monitoring your production environment
  • Identify scalability problems and ensure your environment scales
  • Improve the performance of your environment
  • Prepare a high availability plan
  • Prepare a disaster recover plan
  • Plan and Migrate your environment to the cloud
  • Implement a hybrid environment

Build Your Data Platform and Data Strategy

You need a good plan for a data platform before starting the analytical work over the data. The analytical work will only be trustworthy if it has a consistent data platform plan behind it.

We can help you to build the data platform you need

  • Build a consistency data warehouse model without losing historical data
  • Build data pipelines to import your production data to your data warehouse
  • Monitor and ensure the maintenance of your Data Platform
  • Implement ingestion architecture for your Big Data sources
  • Implement a Data Lake for your Big Data

Business Intelligence

Once you have your Data Platform and Strategy in place, it’s time to build your Business Intelligence Strategy and extract the results from your data.

Power BI is a very powerful tool to serving the result of a Data Strategy, allowing self-service practices to the departments of your company.

Let’s see what we can do for you:

  • Build the semantic model for your data in Power BI
  • Manage SSAS environments in Tabular mode or multidimensional mode
  • Manage workspaces to distribute the data across your company
  • Create dashboards using story telling techniques to expose secrets from your data

Let’s work together to Build
Your Data Platform