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Monitoring and Maintaining Your Cloud

The adoption of a cloud environment has more challenge than you may imagine. We can guide you through the process turning it easier for your company

  • Assessment of your environment to define the best migration options
  • Migrate to the group with zero downtime on all possible workloads
  • Design your cloud architecture to keep it safe and private to your company
  • Choose the best options according to the cost
  • Monitoring your cloud environment

Monitoring and Maintaining Your Cloud

Keep a good monitoring strategy for your cloud is so critical as the initial migration to the cloud. You need to know exactly what’s happening to your services and server.

Of course, this is not something exclusive about the cloud. It’s important to keep a baseline of your server’s behaviour. The cloud makes it easier with tools such as Log Analytics and Azure Monitor, even for on premises servers.

We can help you to build your monitoring and maintenance strategy:

  • Monitor your virtual machines on the cloud and on premises using cloud services
  • Monitor your applications
  • Monitor your Azure Active Directory and users activity
  • dashboards to provide visibility on your cloud activity
  • Manage your cloud costs using Azure Cost Management and Power BI

Modernizing Your Applications

The old idea about “The cloud is just a server in another place” is a very bad joke.

Using servers in the cloud is what we call IaaS – Infrastructure as a Server. IaaS usually is the most expensive option and the one which gives us the biggest amount of work to manage the virtual machines.

We usually start the cloud migration using IaaS in order to achieve what’s called Lift-and-shift: Create in the cloud the absolutely same environment you have on premises.

However, your cloud migration should not stop at this point. The next step is called App Modernization. App modernization is the transformation of pieces of your application and turn them into PaaS services.

PaaS, Platform as a Service, are services managed by the cloud platform, leaving us the minimum management work possible.

Nowadays, PaaS services are flexible, you can move PaaS services from one cloud to another, or to the on premises environment if you need to.

These are some of the help we can provide you for your App Modernization:

  • Plan the conversion of your database services to PaaS, either Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL managed Instance, or the PaaS versions of PostGreSQL, MySQL or MariaDB
  • Plan the conversion of logging and monitoring of your application to the use of Azure Monitor, Log Analytics and Application Insights
  • Plan the conversion of your applications to App Service
  • Plan for high availability using PaaS load balancers
  • Planning global availability with Azure Front Door

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